Co-Creativity: Reflections, Insights and Impact

Co-Creativity can be a wonderful method of collaboration that brings across ideas from very diverse walks of life to create a truly unique solution for purpose.

These videos are created as a collaboration between Scaffolding Cultural Co-Creativity Project and Engaged ANU. They aim to highlight student experiences on co-creation with senior researchers.
A project by Isha Singhal, 2023
Each student has had a very different journey, but each project had one thing in common: It was unexpected. Co-Creativity challenged each student to create something they wouldn’t have even considered before. 
My CPAS internship project with Engaged ANU explores concepts, experiences and different processes of collaboration, co-creation and co-creativity in a range of ANU contexts. It was developed in association with the Engaged ANU pilot, including collaboration between different research teams and collaboration between students and researchers. The aim was to uncover the insights that young collaborators take away from their collaborations, the challenges and joys they encounter, and how these can be explored and used for science communication. My multi-faceted video documentation uncovers key takeaway ideas of co-creation in HUMN8034 and critically reflects on the intangible aspects of research and collaborative work.