The POPSICULE is an open, community-based interdisciplinary platform created by the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) at the Australian National University.

The POPSICULE community explores the CULTURAL MEANINGS OF SCIENCE with the aim to better understand how pop cultural narratives about science have affected the public discourse and understanding of science, and thus our science-society relationship.

We offer lectures, symposia, courses, public events, spectacles, field trips, publications, films and more. We create opportunities for co-learning, co-leadership and co-creation!

The Science in Popular Culture and Entertainment Hub of the Australian National University

Together with a network of national and international researchers, students, cultural innovators, creators, producers and funders, we are championing new ideas and cross-sector collaborations. We aim to diversify our understanding of science in society and build narrative power – to shape the way we talk, think and feel about science. We develop and share rigorous learnings and resources about the (pop) cultural work and aesthetic achievements of science through publications, in-person and virtual experiences and public events. We also activate and/or support an ecosystem of cohorts and networks, including street artists, podcast creators, and more.

Explore our platform to find out more about our research and public events, creative science communication products and collaborative adventures at the science-culture interface!

The POPSICULE provides exciting opportunities and resources for students and anyone interested in investigating science in and as popular entertainment and popular culture.

We are particularly interested in exploring science & environmental knowledge in pop culture, our place in the natural world & our responsibility towards non-human species through aesthetic experience. We develop alternative scenarios and imaginaries to the effects and legacies of the fable of human exceptionalism – to drive meaningful change. Join us!

Discover our “ULTRA-PERCEPTION” project that brings science to life through art & technology, awe & wonder!

Explore the potential of an animated pop-up book to GET you EXCITED ABOUT the power of Synthetic Biology, Environmental Humanities and other research fields – to Help our planet!

Our “Science. Art. Film.” series is taking a break – but will be back in August with Science Week! Stay tuned!